Seattle PD Motors join the ride!! What a DAY!!! For the Cure For Cancer…..

Dateline Federal Way, Washington State. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider and his wife Leanne (Logistics Director / Ground Control) are met with some “Old Partners In Crime Fighting”…..The Seattle PD Motor Unit. Turns out Officer Carr, a dear friend, heard about the departure time and location and rounded up some of the troops to assure a safe passage through downtown Seattle for our motorcade. We had a huge second sendoff. Mom and Dad, our cousins, many of our old, dear friends, and Bruce Spears, our cousin who lost his wonderful wife Teresa just this year to cancer. And I cannot go without mentioning Ken Donner, the author of “America’s Perimeter Tour….To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. It is our honor and privilege to have such good friends and loving family.

As your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider writes this, we are a wrap in Oak Harbor, Washington State. Tomorrow brings another day…….

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I won’t need a snorkel tomorrow!!

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