CancerRideAmerica gets a BIG SURPRISE!!!

Dateline Forks, Washington State: Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider is southbound on Highway 101….very scenic and…..very, very wet!!

As I approach a service station driveway I see an old guy with gray hair, dressed in a silver rain suit, standing next to a beautiful Silver Honda Gold Wing. The twin to mine, except mine is dark cherry red. Wait….he’s not standing! He’s jumping up and down! Doing jumping jacks! Poor guy, must be tired and trying to get his blood moving again. I can relate. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider decides he will wave as he rides on by. But Wait!! There’s More!!! It’s Greg Clark! A fellow Dry Side Ride partner! He’s been tracking me on the SPOT and decided to leave work (several hours away) and meet me here in Forks and ride awhile.

Greg and Me

Greg, you made my day. You are a good friend, and I am proud to call you “friend”. And you and Laura have been wonderful supporters of America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”.

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