“D”-parture Day Is Here!!

Dateline Yakima, Washington State. “D”eparture Day is upon your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider. As we speachify, pray, and share motorcycle and cancer stories, I brace myself for the adventure of a lifetime. I’m counting on your prayers and support to make it through.

America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. I ride for Terry, those lost, those fighting the good fight, and those who have won the battle. Our vision is thousands of Angel Riders encircling America joining hands and praying for a cure. YOUR ANGEL RIDER PHOTOGRAPHS will ge gratefully accepted throughout this three month journey.

Leanne and I want to very greatefully and personally thank the people who came to support us. Jenny (who drove from Monitor), Uncle Butch and Aunt Charlene (who came up from California), and of course Mom and Dad. Thank you to Sgt. Seely, Yakima PD Motors for the fantastic escort!!

And of course, thank you to the wonderful people of North Star Lodge, and the Memorial Foundation.


Terry first Birthday 2
Dean watching Terry playing on his new rocking toy.

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