A Personal Plea From Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider

Dateline Spring Hill, Florida. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider is pleased to report that the heat abated in the evening along the Suwannee River, the bugs were tolerable, and Yours Truly all in all got a pretty good night’s sleep in his little pup tent.

I then headed to Spring Hill, the home of the famous underwater Mermaid dancers. This show has been on my list of stuff I can’t miss while on the road, and I’m looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

In the meantime, Mission Control has reported that hundreds of people are following America’s Perimeter Tour, “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. And so today please indulge Yours Truly as he takes a moment to talk seriously about why this effort is taking place, and why we need your help.

This is not a joy ride or a vacation. If it were, my wife of almost 40 years and I would be together, in an air conditioned RV enjoying the trip, towing the motorcycle for us to use as desired. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider had planned to ride America’s Perimeter long ago. It was a dream. The desperate need to find a cure for cancer has made it a reality. This ride is now a calling….it has purpose and Leanne and I will not quit.

Over 12 million people in America alone are currently fighting the epidemic we call cancer. No, cancer isn’t sexy. It’s not even politically correct. But it is the killer of hundreds of thousands every year. We are working to find a cure for all cancers, not just the best advertised, or the most publicized.

Cancer Ride America is dedicated to its’ mission because we are helping to directly help all people with all cancers, or who find themselves touched by cancer. The Memorial Foundation was carefully selected as the recipient of this effort. This is because they focus on patient care. They help with travel, lodging, meals, and even co-pays for treatment. And they provide funding for clinical trials and research.

Leanne and I got to talk to some of the world’s leading oncologists. They looked us in the eye and said “We only wish we could have kept Terry alive another couple of years. We are making break-throughs every day and a cure is literally just around the corner”. But funding is tight.  (For those new to my BLOG,  Terry was my younger brother who lost his battle to cancer last year.)

And so my friends, I am issuing a challenge. If you have enjoyed being a part of Cancer Ride America, if you have liked reading about my travels or enjoyed the photographs, if you enjoy watching the SPOT Tracker, or if you have been touched by cancer or know someone who has. And who doesn’t?….

Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider challenges you to click that DONATE button on the home page at www.CancerRideAmerica.org, or on our Facebook page -Cancer Ride America. And just as important, tell everyone on your Facebook page, send a request to your email list, tell your family, tell your friends, tell anyone who will listen – that you want them to do the same. And please remind them that Leanne and I are paying for this fund raising effort 100%, completely out of pocket. Everything donated goes to the Memorial Foundation to pay for cancer research and cancer patient expenses.

Enough said. I won’t preach and badger. You know what needs to be done. Let Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider do what has in many ways become the very difficult part of this mission. All you need to do is spread the word any way you can. If 5,000 people each gave 2 dollars, our goal will have been made. How hard can that possibly be?

Thank you for listening. Please step up with Cancer Ride America. Join the thousands of Angel Riders, joining hands and encircling America praying for a cure.

Ride On,


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