A Flood, A Lost Daddy, and Very Hot Babes – “Way Down Upon The Suwannee River!!”

Dateline Suwannee River, Florida. Yes indeed, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider has been spelling it wrong all these years too. I always thought it was “Swanee River”. It’s OK, no one is looking, you can admit that you did too.

The Suwannee River, Florida.
Suwannee River 2

Back in the day, we called certain Officers “Goo Magnets”, a politically correct term invented to replace “SH _ _ Magnet”. For example, there is a certain Officer in the Seattle PD Traffic Section. She’s short, Asian, and a real “SH _ _ magnet. No names here, but I’m tempted! That’s OK, she knows who she is. She’s a great cop, and always into something “Gooey”. Yours Truly is beginning to wonder if she rubbed off before I retired.

Here’s why. Your’s Truly started his day at 0300 today. Why you may ask? Well, there I was in my little pup tent, rain pouring like a waterfall from the sky, and I hear a small boy’s voice screaming at the top of his lungs over and over “Daddy!! Daddy!! Daddy!!” This went on for a full 5 or more minutes while I threw my shoes on and traipsed over to the little boy. The poor kid was hysterical. Between sobs and tears he told me that his daddy had gone to take a shower a long time ago and hadn’t come back. By now a fellow camper had arrived so I told him to stay with the boy while I went searching.

I asked the little whipper what his father’s name was. He paused, looked at me like I was completely insane, and said “Daddy”! So I went looking for Daddy. I found a couple of guys outside the shower area but they said their tent was “over there”, pointing completely away from the boy’s tent. Long story short, I didn’t find daddy, did find a Security Officer, and got ready to call 911 as we returned to the tent. And there were the two guys who I had seen coming out of the showers. “Daddy” had returned. They both told a series of lies about what was going on, daddy’s girlfriend arrived, also from the shower, and yours truly went into cop mode and gave them all a royal A _ _ chewing. Funny, they were gone early this morning. I still don’t know what they were up to at 0300, but it sure wasn’t to take a shower.

Operating on about 2 hours of sleep Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider headed out to the Suwannee River, where I would overnight, tenting again. I passed into the Eastern time zone along the Gulf, just about here at a place called WindMark Beach.

Time Zone Change WindMark Beach Florida

Along my way I stopped in Apalachicola and ate a locally grown peach. WOW! And of course I had to try some boiled peanuts….a local delicacy.



And then it was on down to the campground for what I hope will be a good nights sleep (for a change). On the way I encountered these really, really hot babes! They musta been hot right? They’re standing in the water! They ran towards me when I stopped to take this pic. I guess Yours Truly still has it, huh?

Hot, Hot Babes!

Assuming my days ride started at 0300, Deborah sure got one helluva a ride today. God Bless you Deborah, and all of the Angels that rode with me today, and every day. I was trying to fall asleep behind the wheel due to heat, humidity, and lack of sleep. But they kept me safe…again and always.

Ride On,


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