Lovely Mermaids, Handsome Mermen, and Cancer Ride America

Dateline Weeki Watchee Springs, Florida. Today Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider sacrificed himself to assure that the Mermaids were safe. Apparently, as with the previous ferry crew, my swimming and life saving prowess has preceded me. And so upon arrival at Weeki Wachee Springs, I was contacted by the very lovely Mermaid Kristy. We took this picture before she had to do her show. She asked me to keep a close eye on her while she performed. I did the best I could…honest.

Mermaid Kristy and Me

Thankfully, Kristy did complete her show safely and I was able to avoid going for a swim. But I promise you, my eyes never left her. Here is a little bit of her fabulous show.

A little more video of this fantastic Mermaid show.

However, the evening before, there was water that Yours Truly wouldn’t even venture out into. Unlike my stomping grounds, it’s sunny here all of the time, unless it’s raining. It rains “fat rain”, very hard, for a half hour or so every evening. And then it breaks, the sun comes back out, and it’s clear and sunny until the next day. Wow……

While walking around Weeki Wachee Springs I happened upon this beautiful alabaster statue. As I was admiring her form, a couple walked up holding a little girl by the hand. The little girl giggled and said “She should cover herself up!” When mom asked how, the little girl said “Well with coconuts of course!!” Yours Truly couldn’t help but smile. But when mom replied “Well I wouldn’t want to wear coconuts. They’re all scratchy!” I lost it and had to turn away to laugh out loud!

Mermaid Statue

I also saw this beautiful Peacock and couldn’t resist taking a picture.
Beautiful Peacock

Upon departing, I was contacted by Prince Dennis, one of the Merman Underwater Dancers. He solemnly advised me that I had been summoned by Mermaid Chelsea, who wanted a photograph with me before I continued on America’s Perimeter Tour. Apparently she had gotten word of this awesome effort and had insisted to her Court that I be summoned…..detained if necessary……for the opportunity to talk with me.

I of course had no choice but to honor Mermaid Chelsea’s wishes.

Mermaid Chelsea and Me

Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider talked to a lot of people today about America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. Once again Yours Truly was amazed and grateful about the way I have been received by complete strangers and how supportive of this effort they are. The words most often heard are “That’s Amazing”! No argument there.

Mission Control (My wonderful Wife Leanne) and I set out to try to help a little, to give back a little to those who have been there for us all of these years, and through so many tragic times in our lives and police careers. We pray we will be successful.

Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider wants to say how grateful he is for each of you who took a moment to learn about Cancer Ride America. Your donations, no matter the amount, are very much appreciated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you Mermaids and Princes for a wonderful show, and for indulging Yours Truly!

Ride On,


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