Panthers And Alligators And Crocs OH MY!!!!

Dateline…..somewhere in the Florida Keys. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider braved the Florida Everglades today. Upon stopping for Jet-A, the very nice lady informed me that I was entering Alligator, Crocodile, and Panther (yes my dear friends, you heard right…Panther) country. I was advised to drive very, very carefully because should I hit any of them, they would be the winner.

The Everglades

And so Yours Truly headed out. I did play it extra careful and at one point passed a sign that said “Crocodile Crossing”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! I started to stop and take a pic, and then it sunk in just what the sign said. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it really was a yellow Crocodile Crossing sign. There were also many Panther crossing signs too. Weird. “We ain’t in Kansas no more Toto”.

At one point I passed a sign that said wildlife sensing area. There were poles with sensors mounted all along ground level, and yellow signs with flashing lights. I’m guessing that when a critter passes through a sensor the lights get activated and you’re fore-warned to slow down or pay the consequences.

I knew I was nearing civilization once again when I encountered some road construction. I happened to be the first one in line at a stoppage and spent a few minutes talking to the flagman. Yours Truly is inquisitive. So I asked the young man if he ever worried about some alligator or something coming out of the ‘Glades (A little local lingo for Y’all) and hurting him. He laughed and said only once has he had a problem.

He was flagging near an Indian Outpost one day. They were having a barbeque and brought a plate out to him. He set it near his ice chest until he could take a break. Fortunately, his ice chest was across the road from him. He said a crocodile came right up, took his plate, and dragged it back into the swamp! Holy Crap!!! And he was laughing!

Today I had a real uplifting experience. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider had stopped for Jet-A (again) and Mission Control, ever minding of my health, cautions me to drink lots of Gatorade. So I went inside and got some, retreated to the sidewalk with my bike (He gets lonely if I leave him for too long), and sipped my Gatorade. Along happens two gentlemen who admire the ‘Wing. They see the “Klingon” (my blue Cancer Ride cling sign on my motorcycle windshield). They inquire. Follows a conversation about the ride and cancer. Suddenly they extend their hands to shake mine and say “God Bless You”. Indeed…..this has not been the exciting adventure that my fantasy always said it would be. At times it’s been downright difficult. Today, gentlemen, you made my day. Blessings were sorely needed, and they came.

Ride On,


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