“Sailing Away to Key Largo….”

Dateline Key Largo, Florida. “We had it all. Just like Bogie and Bacall. Starring in our old late, late show. Sailing away to Key Largo”. Ahhh, yes, one of Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider’s favorite songs. In my mind I pictured Key Largo as a tropical paradise with lush flowers, white sand beaches everywhere, perfect weather……you know…..like Maui!

And so Yours Truly beat feet (or maybe tires) to get here a day early and spend some time. I had a great send off from Jodie, who rides her own bike all over the place.

As it turns out the miles weren’t too bad after all, around 375. The first 60 or so were along the Florida Panhandle and were truly a pain. Every tenth of a mile there is a traffic signal, and I swear, they must be timed to be red with each one. Thank goodness I’m having the ‘Wing serviced in Key West. Although I had new brakes put in before leaving, after all that stopping and starting again I’m going to have them checked.

Here’s your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider’s little home away from home here in ‘Largo.
Key Largo

My Home Away From Home

Upon checking in the nice lady told me I should suit up and enjoy the water. She said it runs around 76 degrees and with the temps in the 90’s I wouldn’t even need to towel off.

And so after setting up camp, I wandered down to the Gulf. And what to my eyes did amaze???? Yeah, sure, I’ll just jump right in.

Oh, and it rained again last night….hard…..and long……My little tent is taking a beating but so far she’s keeping me dry!

Ride On,


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