Prayer Request – Help Jim win this battle against cancer!

Dateline Tacoma, Washington State. With just a few days left to enjoy with my lovely wife Leanne before your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider leaves town for three months, I am given the honor and privilege to carry two more Angel Riders with me. Here are their stories. Thank you to my good friend “WingNut” Greg Clark.

Cliff The Barber

Clyde M. Clark. “Cliff The Barber”. Greg’s father lived in Shoreline, Washington State and passed on in 1990 of lung cancer. It had started in his tongue and spread rapidly into his lymph nodes and lungs. He lived just 9 months after his diagnosis. Greg Clark is a personal friend of your intrepid Cancer Cure Rider. He speaks often of his father. “Cliff The Barber” was a generous. Loving, great man who is loved and missed by his family.

Jim Mack

Jim Mack. Jim is a friend of Greg’s who is fighting the good fight as we speak. He is 62 years old and works for the City of Tacoma, Washington State. He was told on May 5th that he has 6 months to live. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider, with your help and prayers for Jim, WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!! You can each and all make a difference. Pray for Jim, lift him in your thoughts, and help him win this battle.

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