WOW! Texas Doesn’t Span America After All!

Dateline New Iberia, Louisiana. Yours Truly finally discovered that Texas does not indeed run from the Mighty Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean! I found Louisiana! Yay!!

One of the first things your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider noticed was the really weird, very tall pilings that the homes and other buildings were on. Turns out in a hurricane the wind does its’ share of damage, but the storm surge is just as bad. These buildings are on a flood plain should the gulf surge, albeit a mile or more from the actual coast. But as you saw from the video before, it’s really flat so the water would just run on up.

A Church On The Gulf

Then it was carry on to Avery Island where I had no choice but to visit the one and only tobasco sauce plant in the whole world! Leanne…..urrrr…uhhmmmm…I mean Mission Control”, loves this stuff! So in her honor I took the cheesy tour, rode in the 100+ degree heat to take pics of stuff, and even got her a little surprise that I need to mail home. Actually it really was fun, and a nice break from the road for Yours Truly.


Tobasco Two!

And then I blew on into New Iberia, Louisiana. No campgrounds! Crap!! Now Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider must make the ultimate sacrifice and stay in a hotel with air conditioning, a real bathroom, a soft bed, a fantastic restaurant right next door, and so on. With your support I shall somehow suffer through……

While looking for a campground I had to stop into a Walgreens and pick up a few necessities. I want say that Cayla, the very nice young lady who wanted to hear about Cancer Ride America in detail, is amazing! She told me how her sister’s Ex husband, in prison for unspeakable crimes, was up for parole. She said “I did something like what you’re doing”. ARE YOU KIDDING CAYLA??? She started a petition to stop his parole, and raised 200,000 signatures! Wow. What a gal. You have my admiration, and my prayers for your parents….yet more fallen from cancer. Tomorrow I ride for them, Cayla.

All in all, I’m beat up, tired, ready for a soft bed, and only less than ¼ through this effort. But I will not let you down! People like Cayla, and so many others, are counting on a cure. WE WILL PREVAIL!!

Ride On,

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