America’s Perimeter Tour Comes To “The Big Easy”!

Dateline “The Big Easy”, New Orleans, Louisiana. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider hit the road again today and ended up in “The Big Easy”, where I was met by none other than Kelly Quin, Blue Knights Louisiana 2. For those of you who are not law enforcement, the Blue Knights is an International law enforcement motorcycle club that I belong to. We do tons of charity work (my own club donated $100.00 to Cancer Ride America), ride a lot, and are a family oriented club with BBQ’s, family outings, and so on.

But to back up just a little. On the way here Yours Truly encountered two very nice young ladies at separate times, while getting gas and a Gatorade. Both, when they learned why the heck I’d ride all the way from Seattle to here(!) reached into their pocket and each donated a dollar. Folks, I have to say I choked up both times. The cops here make pennies compared to most other areas of the Country. I can only imagine what these ladies, one in a convenience store and one in a pharmacy, take home each week. And yet they gave what they could. Amazing. One lady in New Iberia was named “Philadelphia”, and unfortunately I failed to get the other one’s name. But you know who you are and I want to thank both of you. Your support means more than you can know. I thought a lot about you as I rode on.

Kelly greeted me outside of New Orleans and rode in with me. He took me to a local pub, where I gratefully replenished my hydration, and then escorted me to “The Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast” where Mission Control had me set up my temporary HQ.

A quick comment on The Avenue Inn. Wonderful people, very, very well appointed and kept, huge room with a bed big enough for six (Honey… was only me… me….honest….), and a wonderful continental breakfast in the morning! They even understood how important my bike is and allowed me to park it on a walkway up against the back of the building where it can’t be seen from the street. Like I said, a very nice place that I would highly recommend!

Once I had checked in Kelly gave me a riding tour of some parts of New Orleans, including some back streets in the French Quarter, where the famous Bourban Street is. I also saw the areas destroyed by Katrina, the new canal walls that are supposed to keep it from happening again, and Lake Pontchartrain, which is only about 25 feet deep at its’ deepest.

Then it was off to a local Cajun seafood restaurant where I thought we were going to be arrested. Here’s what happened. Kelly and I had been arm wrestling over the tabs all afternoon. I sneakily (or so I thought) told our waitress to be sure I got the dinner tab. So we finished dinner and a few minutes later the waitress passed by. Kelly turned around and grabbed at her brown folder, trying to wrestle it away from her. She screamed so loud that every head in the place turned. Then she laughed and calmly said “sir, that’s not your tab, it’s my order book so would you please let go so I can take these people’s orders?” I gotta tell you, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Kelly turned 14 shades of red. But when the waitress did return she gave him the check because she said she didn’t want to get beat up again!

Tomorrow holds a morning of walking around the French Quarter, some chicory coffee and beignets, and then another afternoon with Kelly, where Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider will make every effort to keep him out of jail!

Ride On,
PS: I’ve had several inquiries. Yes, my friend at NASA did indeed assist me with a Top Secret device that defeats Alien targeting / monitoring devices. And just in time too. I was getting ready to add layers to my tin foil hat. It’s hot and very uncomfortable under my helmet so now I can dispose of it. Thank goodness that episode in my life is over. (or is it?)

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