Warm Hearts And A History Lesson In Virginia

Dateline Norfolk, Virginia: First, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider needs to make an announcement. (Drum roll please) It would seem that Yours Truly has inherited a big sister! Her name is Constance (Connie) Kinsley and she is married to Bill – “Skip” Kinsley. Connie is sister to Ken Donner. You may recall that Ken is the author of “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. Ken, and as it turns out Connie and Bill, are huge supporters of Cancer Ride America.

So when I found myself in their neck of the woods, Connie and Bill rang me up and insisted that I be their guest. They own a beautiful home on the water up a river near Chesapeake Bay. Upon my arrival they greeted me with warm hugs, showed me where I was to lay my head, and served me up a cold beverage. Now, you all know that Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider had 35 years “on the job”. Jaded puts my personality mildly. But when Connie and Bill greeted me it took me all of five minutes to feel very much at home. Except that Bill, forever the great host, insisted that he serve me to quench my ever voracious thirst. At one point I started to get up and he objected. I told him that I was used to taking care of myself and he said “Not in my house. Here you’re our guest!” Well Bill, I sure didn’t feel like a “Guest”. And when your very fun and gracious neighbors arrived, along with Bill returning with pizza, it just got that much better! What a fantastic evening with new friends and “family”!!

Anyway, the next morning Bill took Yours Truly on a fantastic historical sight seeing tour. With his military credentials I was privileged to go on base at Naval Base Norfolk. While there he showed me the USS Cole, which was in port. And wow… we happened upon a change of command ceremony taking place on her decks.

USS Cole and Change Of Command Ceremony

We also went out to Fort Monroe, where he took me on a VIP tour of the Fort. This is the house where President Lincoln met with others to plan his attack on Norfolk during the Civil War. You could just feel the history here and see President Lincoln pacing in the windows, softly illuminated and shadowed by oil lamps. Amazing.

President Lincoln Stayed Here And Planned The Attack On Norfolk

Then we went back and picked up my new big sister, and the three of us headed out for more sight seeing. Here’s a shot of me next to a cannon that was used to protect the harbor. (And stop whining about me wearing the same shirt all the time. I’m three months on a motorcycle….just how many shirts do you think I can carry??!!)

Me And The Cannon 2

In the same area we visited the very battlefield where the British surrendered to the Patriots who were fighting for freedom in the Revolutionary War. Bill does a wonderful job of narrating what they saw.

A huge thank you to my new “Big Sister” and by default, new “Big Brother In Law”. You’re wonderful people, just like Ken. I hope Leanne and I can repay your kindness some day,

My Wonderful Host and Hostess

Ride On,


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