Yours Truly Experiences A Day Of Melancholy And Emotion

Dateline Arlington Virginia: Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider now bares his sole and tells you something that few know about. Back in the early 70’s when I first met Leanne I had the need to serve somehow. Weird, I know. But I was a Police Science major at Washington State University, worked for WSU PD and the Physical Plant (yes….2 jobs to get through school….something today’s kids could learn from), and just didn’t feel like I was doing enough. When Leanne and I met at freshman orientation, it was love at first sight. Leanne has always been the more giving and understanding of us so when I said I wanted to enlist and go to Vietnam she offered only encouragement, albeit with tears in her eyes.

So Yours Truly traipsed down to the local recruiting office and met with a recruiter. He learned of my childhood open heart surgery, of my career goals, and of course of my love for Leanne. He told me that a few years ago they would have taken me in a heartbeat, but Vietnam was winding down and I had a medical situation that was unclear. He sent me home and told me to take care of Leanne and serve some other way.

And so, I became a police officer. All of which is by way of saying that when I stand at attention and salute the flag and our military, I still choke up and get tears in my eyes out of sacrifice, pride and patriotism. Like I said, weird. But I offer no apologies for the way I feel about America and about those who have sacrificed for Her both within and without.

So today Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider dedicates his ride, every turn of every spinning wheel on the ‘Wing, and every mile ridden, to the United States Armed Forces and all those who served .

Enough said. It was my privilege and honor to visit the Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam Wall, paying my heartfelt respects to our fallen heroes.  Saying a silent prayer for those who gave their all so that Leanne and I might protect the home front without worry of attack from the outside.

“All Gave Some And Some All”. God Bless You Each And All.

Arlington National Cemetary

The Honor Guard

A Sight To Behold


The Viet Nam Wall

President Kennedy's Headstone

Honor Guard

This was of especially strong impact. Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

After this emotional experience Yours Truly encountered Caroline, a beautiful young lady and Physicians Assistant in the making. You see, when I talk about Cancer Ride America it captures even the faint of heart. Caroline was no exception. We shared our life experiences, our sorrows, and we shed tears together. This wonderful young lady lost her grandmother to cancer. It’s obvious to me that her loss is still very much on the surface of her life. God Bless You and Your Grandmother, Caroline. I ride for you and she tomorrow….every turn of the wheel, every mile.

Ride On,


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