A Rough Day For Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider

Dateline Bay Town, Galveston Bay, Texas. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider had a rough day yesterday, and thus this early morning posting today. As Yours Truly approached Corpus Christi, down from “San Antone” (a little more local lingo for y’all), it heated up, and humidified……fast. 101 degrees and 78% humidity. Even the locals are complaining and the newsies are calling it a heat wave.

Danny Barrett, our good friend and cancer survivor….this one’s for you!

I was jazzed to finally be on the coast again, albeit the Gulf Of Mexico. The water cooled it down to a mere 94, and the breeze was refreshing. I just had to call Mission Control and share the moment with Leanne. America’s Perimeter Tour was back on the perimeter.


But as I moved slightly inland, as required because it’s usually a good idea to keep the ‘Wing on a paved road, it was just plain hot and sticky. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider, in a mere few days, has gone from 60’s and fog on the Pacific to 100′s and humidity. I pray I will adjust because today was just plain tiring and very, very fatiguing.

But there were some good things too. Like when the gentleman in Houston pulled alongside me in his air conditioned pickup truck, rolled down the window, and told me I had lost part of my stuff “back there”. (Yeah….that’s the kind of day it was.) I’ve no room in my bike, so I’ve strapped my foul and cold weather gear to my back seat. Well, it came loose, fell off, and got run over. No harm though, the bag was a little ripped but the gear came through unscathed. Thank you sir! It would have been a real problem to get the rest of the fifty or so miles down the road and find out it was missing, but where?

And then I arrived at the KOA on Galveston Bay. A very nice RV park/ campground with a pool, showers, the works. And someone had hit a water line a little while ago and there is no water. Like I said, that’s the kind of day it has been. But then a gentleman came over from his RV with his broom and helped me sweep off this picnic table…and invited me to his place for BBQ steak dinner. Phil runs a pipeline inspection team and, as he puts it, came down here five years ago for a two week job. He’s also a gourmet cook. He fixed me the best steak and shrimp BBQ I’ve had since I left home!

Tomorrow I have the privilege of a private tour of NASA, set up by my very good friend Bob McQueen. “He knows people”. Thank you Bob!

I sure hope Mike (the gentleman who will give me the tour) can tell me how to take care of the Roswell situation. This tin foil hat is hot, and does not fit well under my motorcycle helmet.

Ride On,

~ Have you or someone you know been touched by cancer?  Please allow Dean to honor them as an “Angel Rider” with him on this journey.  We want thousands of Angels circling America riding with Dean, bringing the prayers of their loved ones, praying together for a cure to all cancers. 

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