A FANTASTIC DAY!!!! Part dieux

Dateline Statesboro, Georgia: You will recall that Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider really got the red carpet treatment to the hotel. The escort dropped me there, gave me an hour to get “unsticky” (yeah, I know. Yours Truly has to whine a little. The temps are only in the 90’s but man is it sticky!!), and then came and picked me up for a good old fashioned Southern Barbeque. We went out to Bob’s and man what a spread!

Turns out that Bob and Bubba are seasoned professionals at the grill. In fact, Bob, who is now a Sheriff’s Deputy, owned a restaurant for many years. He and Bubba put on BBQ’s regularly for their brothers and sisters in the uniform, and friends and family. When I showed up, Bob opened the grill and this is what I saw.

Bobs BBQ 2

And man is it good chicken. He doesn’t actually BBQ it. He Hot-Smokes it on this giant grill that he custom made just for this purpose. However, a caviat here if I may. My old Asst. Chief Bob McQueen is a real supporter of Cancer Ride America. He called me and warned me. It seems that in his experience, that ain’t chicken! Possum? Bubba assured me it really is chicken. They save the possum and coon for the “Northerners”…….

Chicken, Georgia Sausages, home made baked beans, all the fixin’s…..Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider definitely did not have to be too “Intrepid” tonight! And dare I say that Bubba had made sure the fridge was stocked with a brew that is only available locally. Wow. And all I could do was say thank you over and again. Their reply? “Dean, it’s just a little Southern Hospitality”. Like I said, Wow.

Me and a Real Cop!

The music was playing when I arrived. I couldn’t help but comment on their “stereo”. It’s an ammo box that has a small battery, a car stereo, a speaker, and an antenna attached. They called it their “Red Neck Ghetto Blaster”! What a hoot!

Redneck Ghetto Blaster

The next morning the Lt., Bubba, and Rick met me at the hotel to provide an Honorary Blue Knights escort out of town. Hmmmmm….I wonder why they were so anxious to make sure I was gone?! Just kidding of course. These guys are fantastic hosts and I am proud to now call each and all, “Friend”. The back route they took me was beautiful! But in places a little “WET”!

Oh, and have I mentioned that there were alligators laying in the ditches alongside the road? Rick says “Yeah man! This is Georgia!” Rick’s a collision reconstructionist and told me that a significant number of the collisions he responds to are alligator related. AND THESE PEOPLE FISH AND SWIM HERE! Not me!!

Turns out the LT had worked all night due to a robbery, had run home and changed, and then joined us just for this. I am honored, privileged, and so very touched by he and everyone who I met. Many of the escorts and Officers present throughout were off duty but suited up and came in to help, many were up 24+ hours straight just so they could help and meet me, and so many wives, sons, and daughters pitched in.

My Second Escort Crew

And after all was said and done, these wonderful people donated to Cancer Ride America…..handsomely. What an amazing day indeed.

Yours Truly usually signs off with “Ride On”. Today,

I Ride With Pride,


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