An Amazing Day!! Part 1

Dateline Pembroke, Georgia: Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider has a lump in his throat as he writes this entry. Today Yours Truly was honored by the Blue Knights Georgia VIII, the Pembroke Police Department, the Statesboro Police Department, and the Bullock County Office Of The Sheriff.

James “Bubba” Revell contacted me before I ever left Seattle and said that the Georgia Blue Knights Chapter 8 would like to “have a little fun with me” when I got here. Well…Yours Truly saw deliverance and just didn’t quite know what that meant!! Jim, who prefers to be called Bubba, was watching my progress and called me again in Orlando. I gotta tell you, what an amazing guy and a huge effort!


My instructions were to be in Pembroke at 1500 Hrs. (Cop for 3:00) and stand by for them. So there I was hanging out when “HOLY SH _ _! The sky turns blue and in rolls four marked motor units, a marked car, and at least 8 Blue Knights members on their trusty steeds. We meet and greet and the Lt. Says (true to form in my experience), OK guys, let’s hit it! We all mount up and “Holy SH _ _” again! Turns out that Bubba had coordinated with the various PD’s and many, many officers were all along the route to assist in the escort. These videos say it all. The first is a short one of the start. The second is longer and covers about the last 7 minutes. WOW!!

And then as we rolled into the hotel, we were greeted by the owner of the Quality Inn (a very nice hotel), local Savannah area TV station WTOC, and the local Newspaper, The Statesboro Herald. Both did lengthy interviews. And, while talking with them, the hotel owner and Bubba told me I needed to take a look at their LCD reader board. I turned and for the third time today, uttered those infamous words….”HOLY…..Etc.”

Quality Inn Billboard 2

Quality Inn Billboard 1

And the day had just begun. Bubba and Bob, who is a Deputy Sheriff for the Office Of The Sheriff, BBQ together all of the time. They put on one heck of a BBQ dinner for yours truly, accompanied by Deputies and city Officers from around the area.

The “L-T” who helped Bubba set this up, and who authorized all of the resources. In my humble opinion many of the commanders I have worked with over the years could take his example. Tomorrow you will see his picture again…..after he came to the BBQ in my honor, worked a graveyard shift, had zero sleep, but wanted to escort me to my next destination.
Me and a Real Cop!

A Romantic CandleLight Dinner For Two. We all enjoyed a good laugh as these two hard working cops trying to have dinner!

A Romantic CandleLight Dinner For 2

Tomorrow I shall tell you more about that and more. It is another full story unto itself.

Ride On,


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