SPOT Tracker – Ready To Rock!

I’ve set up my SPOT Tracker link so, when activated at the beginning of my ride, you’ll be able to hit a link on the Web and follow my progress!

Here it is. Copy it now and paste it into your favorites for use in May, when I head out.

What this cool little gadget does is send GPS signals to satellites, triangulating my position to within a few feet, about every ten minutes. When you look at the website you’ll see a map with flags on it, which show where I am at that moment. You’ll also have the option to show a satellite image at that location by clicking on the upper left of the screen.


Follow Me via SPOT Tracker

This is really cool stuff. I’ll be activating the link on day one of this incredible journey….16,000 miles, 3 months, on a motorcycle riding America’s perimeter. Alone, with your angels on my shoulder

More later!

4_05_2009 ride at Deception pass

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