Niagara Falls….But Wait! There’s More!! Meet Beckie.

Dateline Niagara, New York: Dear Friends, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider visited Niagara Falls today. What an astounding experience that reflects everything that Cancer Ride America means; Power (to find a cure), Grace (in so many who are helping this effort), and Fury (the very anger to the heart that we all experience when our loved one is affected by this dreadful disease.)

Me At Niagra

And I intended to write about that. HOWEVER, Yours Truly, en route back to base camp Youngstown (KOA), decided to splurge and have some wings and a cold beverage at Applebee’s, City Of Niagara. And as a result, today’s entry shall honor Beckie, who orchestrated a series of events that were a sight to behold, each of which benefited the goal of Cancer Ride America to raise funds to fight cancer. I promise to tell you about Niagara Falls later. It, too holds its’ story and how I became involved with the police and the crew of the Maid Of The Mist. But like I said, more later on that.

“So this old biker walks into a bar with a swagger, sits down and orders a beer, and has ‘the look’ – “who here has the stones to ask me?” The patrons fall silent and stare at the gray-haired helmet toting guy. His grizzled features betray thousands of hard miles on his bike and his steel eyes penetrate those who dare stare back.

And then Beckie walks up, looks into those eyes and coldly says “what’ll you have?” as bold as can be. And then, “So where you from?” “Seattle!! What The Heck Are You Thinking?? That’s a long ways away!”

The armor melts, and yours truly tells his story. Beckie listened intently and said she was amazed. She thinks it’s a wonderful thing Leanne and I are doing and starts telling anyone who will listen. She came hurrying over to me and said she had talked to Lisa, her manager and told Lisa “You need to talk to this guy. He has an amazing story”. Then Lisa comes over and hears from me first hand. Before I know it, Lisa has contributed and Beckie has contributed for herself, her husband, and her family.

Beckie went on to tell me the story of a young (27 years old if memory serves me) co-worker who’s boy had jumped on her abdomen and made it hurt. It didn’t stop hurting so she went to a doctor. She found out she had lung cancer and the battle to survive was on. That is all I shall say today about that because I have asked Beckie to ask her friend to send me her story. I would be proud to tell it in her own words.

While talking with Beckie two gentlemen came in and sat down near me. Beckie, true to form, launched into her introduction; “Gentlemen, you are sitting next to an amazing man who is on an amazing adventure. You need to hear what he has to say”. Wellll, with an intro like that, how could I say no? Ray turned to me with a look like “what the heck were you thinking??” as I told him of this amazing effort. Suddenly he reached into his wallet and offered an extremely generous donation. I was taken aback and as with Jim in Orlando and suggested that he double check. He thrust it at me and said “I can tell when someone is Bull _ _ _ _ ing and when someone isn’t. You’re the real deal and I’m glad to help.” You’re right Ray. Cancer Ride America and Yours Truly are indeed the “real deal”. I only hope we can help, even if just a little.

And so Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider closes today once again having told not the story of America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”, but rather the story of kind, good hearted people who have been touched by cancer and have stepped up to help fight it. What an astounding Country we live in when a complete stranger can get on a motorcycle, head out with a purpose, and receive the kindness and support of countless friends around America! What an amazing adventure!!

Ride On,


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