A Melancholy Day In Galveston.

Dateline Galveston, Texas. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider today indulged in a personal mission to go back to Galveston and haunt some familiar surroundings. With your permission I’ll explain.

By the time Terry was diagnosed we had lost Leanne’s mom, Daisie, my work partner Andy, our cousin Teresa, our baby Kasey Kitty, my step mother Norma, and so many other loved ones to cancer. So when my mom “suggested” (as only a mom can do) that since Terry’s health was in jeopardy we should all go on a cruise together, we agreed. Not my favorite thing to do, especially since we had already planned our vacation for the year, and Yours Truly has a lot of trouble accepting the inevitable. I just knew Terry would outlive his older brother. He just had to.

Well, we went anyway. We flew to Houston, took a private limo to Galveston, spent the night at the Holiday Inn right on the Gulf, and took the cruise. While at the Holiday Inn, Terry and I talked a lot. I told him that on America’s Perimeter Tour I would be passing right in front of this very hotel on our ‘Wing. He said…..”Prove it Bro!” I don’t think he thought this dream would ever become reality.

Well Bro, You and Mooch are with me on this ride so you already have the proof! Here it is for all of the rest.

Galveston, TX_001<

Galveston, TX_004

But about the cruise, naturally mom was right. We lost Terry too few months later, and Leanne and I will always remember that last wonderful time we had with he and his wife, Irene.

So I hopped on my bike on this 100+ degree day, went to Galveston, took some pics of the hotel where we stayed and partied at until time to get on the boat, and re-visited The Strand in old downtown Galveston. As I stood on the corner, looking down toward the church, with the shop where Terry bought that really “bold” Hawaii shirt for me in the block, I could not help but shed tears. For Terry, for Daisie who treated me like her own son, for Teresa who was always laughing right up until the end, for Norma, who always treated my real dad so well, for Andy who passed very suddenly only a day after telling me his radiation was almost over, and for Kasey, who although a four legged family member, rescued Leanne and I from our loneliness at having lost so many loved ones in such a short period of time. And for so many others…..

And so my friends, loved ones, and family, I ride for a cure. Dammit…we must do this.

On a lighter note, I want to sincerely thank Larry, his wife, and his crew at the KOA campground in Baytown Texas. They were each and every one wonderful people and great hosts and hostesses. Cancer Ride America caught their attention, and Larry intends to notify KOAs down the road. Turns out KOAs are very community minded and support many charities year around. Thank you all! Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider enjoyed his stay there!

Ride On,

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