Yours Truly Meets a Fellow Adventurer

Dateline Rain Forest Café. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider, while indulging in a great lunch, met a fellow Adventurer today. James McDowell works as a beverage preparation expert and indulged me as I told him about Cancer Ride America. His eyes lit up and he told me about his “ride”.

James had fully restored and customized this Chevrolet pickup truck. As he tells the story, there was an annual car show in Southern California and the gentleman who organized it had just passed. And so this was to be the last, best, and greatest car show ever, in his honor. On the spur of the moment he and his best friend decided to drive all of the way to the show. They packed up and headed out. They drove straight through. It took over 40 hours.

James' truck 5

And now a little bit about the truck. He had removed all heat and air conditioning, put in air shocks all the way around, had a big hole in the firewall where he ran wires, Etc. up into the dash, and done tons of other customization work. Now keep in mind, James is a Florida born and bred guy. If it gets below 70 he’s putting on a down coat!

James' truck 1

So they take off across the Country. He used a route that took him across God forsaken West Texas (that Yours Truly whined about all of the way), and through Death Valley. I laughed my butt off when he told me how it gets really, really cold in the desert at night! Being from Seattle and having ridden most of the Western states over many years, I have experienced those extremes in temperature without heat or air. Just like James. He was telling me how the wind blew through the hole in the firewall onto them. They had hoodies, extra pairs of jeans, and coats on and still froze to death. The inside of the truck was even icing up!

But at last, at around 2,600 miles later, they arrived. They camped out (sound familiar?) next to a large group of partiers. They were invited over because “if you just drove that all the way from Florida, you’re crazy enough to hang with us”. And so they did. What they found out was that most everyone else from any distance at all had trailered their show cars. James and his buddy were one of only a handful of people who had actually driven.

James' truck 2

James’ truck was photographed by the show officials and all of the magazines, and he still has the magazines to show for it. He was also told that he had won the longest distance away trophy. However, at the awards ceremony, as the crowd chanted “FLOR-I-D-A….FlOR-I-D-A….FLOR-I-D-A” it was announced that someone from South Carolina had won the trophy. He had (allegedly) driven a few hundred miles further. James had documented his trip on a big map and put it on display at show. It clearly showed that he drove further than the other guy, but the judges had made their decision. Oh, and the “winner” trailered his car over. James was very disappointed, but since he was featured in the car magazines and the other guy was pretty much ignored, that kind of made up for it.

James' truck 3

James' truck 4 W Texas

Anyway, today Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider salutes fellow adventurers James and his buddy. “Keep On Truckin” my new-found friend. And spread the word. Cancer Ride America – America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”.

Ride On,


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