Meet Christi – A Wonderful Lady Who Kicked Cancer’s Butt!!


Dateline Disney Hollywood. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider had a chance encounter that really inspired me today. While waiting for a ride Yours Truly began talking with the very nice folks in front of me, John, and Christi Russell, his mom-in-law. (Yeah, shocked me too….she looks, like, what,… maybe 30’s??) Anyway, the subject came up and when they heard about Cancer Ride America two things happened simultaneously. John asked what the web site is and Christi told me her story. Read on dear friends…..Yet another amazing Angel has joined America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer.”

Last year Christi was having a few medical issues but chalked it up to getting older. Six weeks into it things weren’t getting better so she went and saw a doc. The next day she got a phone call and heard the words we all dread, “get back in here right now”. She went in and learned that she had cancer. The operation took place just a few days later, but she had to wait a few weeks to start radiation and chemo-therapy. By then a new tumor had already begun to grow.

At this point in the conversation I was completely engaged with Christi and I could see her reliving the fear she must have felt. Her eyes took on a depth that can only be described as profound. She must have been absolutely terrified. As would any of us have been.

And so they started with the treatments. Christi fought the good fight and freely talks about having God on her side. TODAY, CHRISTI RUSSELL IS CANCER FREE!! All Yours Truly could do was to silently Thank God, and modern medicine.

I mentioned that two things happened simultaneously. John had begun to check his smart phone while we were talking. I never gave it a thought. Disney World is a “Smart Park” and uses bar codes for finding rides, performances and meals, Etc. It was not until Yours Truly mentioned that it is my goal to talk to 10,000 people and get each to donate one dollar that John, matter of factly, said “Yeah…I just went to your website and donated”. I was stunned and couldn’t shake his hand enough.

Once again, with Angels on my shoulder, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider finds himself tearing up at the kindness exhibited by complete strangers, and with the heartfelt joy that maybe, just maybe, Cancer Ride America will make a difference, no matter how small.

I’ve said it many times before. Leanne and I are just two ordinary people who, like so many others, have suffered terrible losses to cancer. Our community took care of us while on the “job” for 35 years. Remember, for our part we are funding Cancer Ride America 100% out of pocket. Every penny donated is going to The Memorial Foundation.

It is our privilege to give back just a little, and our honor to encounter kind souls like Christi and John.

Ride On,


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