Dean Shirey’s Bio

 I’m 58 years old and was born in California.  I was a sickly child and at the age of six it was learned that I had a fatal heart condition and would not see my 10th birthday.  It was decided worth the risks and one of the first successful open heart surgeries in the world was performed on me at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco.  My Grandfather was the Editor of the Sacramento Bee Newspaper and wrote articles about it, so I received a lot of get well wishes and gifts.  I always like to tell the story that I was the kid you see in the news who was getting presents in the hospital from people I had never met! 

My family moved to Vashon, Washington when I was 12.  I graduated from Vashon High School six months early and immediately went to work as a structural steel fitter in Seattle.  I saved up to go to college and then went to WSU, where I met my wife, Leanne.  We married in 1975 and moved to Kent, Washington. 

Shortly thereafter we both became Police Officers and eventually we lateralled to Seattle Police Department.  My positions included patrol, Gang Unit Detective, fatal collision investigations, Explorer Advisor, sergeant, manager – Red Light Camera Unit, Aggressive Driving Squad,  and pursuit driving / police motor trainer.  I rode police motorcycles for 27 years of my 35-year career.  My duties pretty much covered the spectrum of law enforcement and I cannot think of a situation or call that I haven’t handled, including shootings, homicides, fatal collisions, and the more mundane such as crime scene investigation, narcotics, traffic enforcement, and special events details. 

Leanne and I left the “job” on the same day in September 2010, and officially retired in 2011.  We still maintain our extended authority commissions with the Seattle Police Department and as such still have enforcement and arrest powers.

My personal interests include in-line skating, mountain biking, snow skiing, boating and fishing, motorcycling (duh), working out, and reading.  I also have a passion for antique Coca Cola machines and have restored several.  I enjoy wood-working and pretty much any activity that keeps me busy.

Retirement has given us the time to catch up with family and friends, finish much needed home projects, and even get in the occasional boat outing or trip.  We enjoy travelling, cruising, fishing and crabbing, and getting away in our RV. 


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