Cancer Ride America Arrives At Corner Number Three!! Key West Florida.

Dateline The Third “End Of America To End Cancer:….Key West Florida. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider finally made it to the official Key West, most Southern point in America marker today. It’s very picturesque and tons of people were standing in line to take pictures with it. Yours Truly took the video and then snuck in later for pictures. Hopefully by the time the local Gand de Arm realize where the ‘Wing is in the picture the statute of limitations will have gone by!

At The Monument

This was an emotional moment for me. I’m not sure why, but each new milestone brings a flood of emotion, but a sense of accomplishment at having completed another leg of this fantastic journey. Today was no exception. This “End Of America” puts the ride at about half way through. It also means taking a much needed “tourist” break in an area that I’ve never been before. Great food, good friends, and beautiful ocean scenery.

Key West Marina

Cancer Ride America – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. What the heck were we thinking??!! But yet here we all are. Terry and Mooch around my neck, Angel Riders on the ‘Wing. Prayers all around for a cure.

But the day wasn’t completely melancholy. Yours Truly had a great lunch at the Raw Bar. Raw oysters, clams, conch ceveche, cold steamed prawns, and a fantastic Mahi Mahi spread. Ahhhhh…….maybe I need to talk to Mission Control about moving here.

Raw Bar With Bike

Ride On,


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