Dateline Priest River City, Idaho: To begin with, let me say that it is wonderful to be back in the mountains. The sun, the pine – scented air, the hills, the dense forests, and of course the fantastic curvy riding roads make for a great day on the ‘Wing with mom. We rode from Minot, ND into East Glacier, Montana and what a change! From miles long of straight stretches where you can see the horizon to rolling hills and at last into the forest of Glacier. Magnificent!

From there Yours Truly and passenger headed on over into Idaho and eventually into Priest River, where we received a royal reception, arranged by Bob McQueen and his lovely wife Jerie.

Now a little history about Bob and I. As a rookie Tukwila police officer (my first agency) he was my Sergeant (later to be my Assistant Chief) and we did stuff “old school”. No formal training (Field Training Officer) stuff, but more of a “ride with that guy, keep your mouth shut, do what he says, and don’t get into trouble”. Other than a three month academy and my senior Officers, that was my basic cop training. And Bob, being my supervisor, was in charge of keeping me out of trouble! Sometimes it even worked……

~Mom & Bob on the “Wing~


When Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider and Mission Control started planning Cancer Ride America we sought input from a lot of people, Bob and Jerie included. From that moment on they were faithful supporters of the ride, as well as having always been good friends. So when it became apparent that America’s Perimeter Tour’s route would take me right through Priest River, Bob was excited. Turns out they have a summer home there, and they would be in residence. We were invited to stay with them while in town, albeit just one night.

Bob arranged this police escort that took us to the Priest River Times Weekly newspaper. The paper had done an article last week about our pending arrival ( ) authored by Nick Ivie.   Bob, mom and I were joined for the ride in to town by a lovely couple on a motorcycle with a side car. We all arrived in the paper’s parking lot to cheers, applause, and hugs. Once again Yours Truly was overwhelmed. You see, as with Statesboro GA, I’ve explained that I’ve been involved in the escorting or security of every President since Ronald Reagan. I have to tell you that to be on the receiving end of such a privilege is truly heartwarming. Thank you Bob for arranging it, thank you Officer Mike Gagnon for the fantastic run into town, and thank you Priest River Times for a fantastic reception.

~Escort into town~

And then it was off to the “cabin” (a beautiful, very large log home right on the river) for an afternoon of fun in the sun, followed up with a fabulous BBQ steak dinner.

~Jerie & Mom~

Mom and Geri

~Bob McQueen~
Crazy Bob

And for once, Yours Truly was able to be around water without having to rescue somebody!

Thank you so much Bob and Jerie for a fantastic experience. And thank you to Nick Ivie a d Officer Mike Gagnon for your wonderful reception. Nick and Mike, it is my privilege to carry your loved ones Edwin and Don with me as Angel Riders.

Ride On,





Now, this is a little “back story” that Dean won’t own up to.  When arrangements were being made for his mom to ride the last week with him, he directed her to go purchase a helmet for the trip, as non of his fit her.  One day she called him, proudly telling him that she had found her helmet and it was “very pretty with pink swirls on it”!!  ……..

Dean immediately annonced that she would NOT be allowed to wear a helmet with pink on HIS motorcycle.  Can you guess what happened next?  You guessed it – not only did Shirley arrive in Minot, ND with her pink swirled helmet, but she also has been wearing a pink sweater, pink jacket, pink gloves, pink Do Rag, pink socks, pink shoe laces…..all to go with her pink nail polish and pink lipstick!  Way to go Dean – guess you told her!  haha

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