Cancer Ride America Pilots Ferry….Makes It To Florida!

Dateline Pensacola, Florida. Today was pretty mundane compared to the last couple of days. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider took off for Florida. Yours Truly found it almost ironic, how I could finish going through Louisiana, cross Mississippi and Alabama, and end up in Florida, all in one day. And yet it took me a lifetime to get across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas! I still maintain that you can see Seattle’s Space Needle from Texas.


Alabama DOT Logo


I took 90, which is the Gulf Coast route and stays as close to the water as can be permitted without water wings for the bike. And then I crossed from Dauphin Point, Alabama to Fort Morgan, Alabama on a ferry. Whereupon Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider was invited into the Pilot House and asked to drive. Apparently my prowess in water rescues and such had preceded me and the Captain of the ferry Fort Morgan, Alabama State Transportation, felt I could handle it. So I gave the crew a few tips, piloted the boat while they all took a break, and then upon landing returned to the bike.



Ferry Port Morgan

And now my friends there is a bridge for sale in Alabama……

Tomorrow I meet with a Pensacola TV station that has offered to cover Cancer Ride America for us. I shall report on that in tomorrow’s BLOG, but today I want to thank our good friend Bob Gibbs for setting this interview up. His lovely wife Susan Gibbs is one of our “Angel Riders”, having beat her battle with cancer.  Bob, my friend, have no idea how timely this interview is. Cancer Ride America is approaching the halfway point of America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”…..Destination Key West, ETA June 28th. And, we are almost half way to our goal of raising $10,000 for cancer patient care and research. This interview could not have been better timed.

Ride On,

PS: Mission Control has informed me that the Internet is dicey in this part of the world. Postings may become somewhat irregular. Hmmmmmmm……Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider did away with his Tin Foil Hat based upon assurances from NASA. I wonder now if that was such a good idea after all…

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