Cancer Ride America gets a boost from a local business!

DateLine Kent, Washington State:

With just over a week before your intrepid Cancer Cure Rider hits the road, Leanne and I were given permission by Top Foods Manager Randy to stand out in front of his store and hand out flyers and ask for donations.

We did some signs, put a “tip jar” on my bike saddle, and parked the whole thing at the front doors of the store. A very interesting experience. Yours truly never asks anybody for anything. I was very uncomfortable and every time someone blew me off I took it personally. One gentleman even laughed like “yeah, right” when I told him I was going to ride 16,00 miles and be on the road 3 months. But then he put 5 bucks into the jar and laughed again as he accepted my brochure and left. Not sure what to think about that, but I hope he keeps me honest by monitoring my SPOT tracker! Anyway, Leanne and Randy were there for emotional support so I suppose not too much damage was done and I don’t think I’ll need long term psychiatric care……maybe.

We gave out 150 flyers, and $202.89 was raised in cash donations. And Randy not only donated a gift card, but money out of his own pocket. And I had dozens of people promise to send me their Angel Riders.

Thank you Randy, and each of you who took a moment to hear how you can help stop this dreadful epidemic that we call cancer. Your thoughts, prayers, and generosity mean more to Leanne and I than you know.



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