Cancer Cure Rider Gets New Ride!!

Dateline Springfield, Ohio: Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider has at last encountered a motorcycle that may compete with my trusty ‘Wing. Now many of you may scoff, knowing that the Honda GoldWing sets the standard to which any and all other motorcycle manufacturers can only aspire, but this one really caught my eye.

Me and My New Ride 1

But Mission Control over-rode and selected this as my new “ride”.

My Other New Rides

A special thank you to Kelly for arranging this privilege. No one is allowed to actually touch this motorcycle because it is classified in the museum as an artifact. Kelly had to go all of the way to the top, but arranged this exception. Here she is with Yours Truly and Mission Control. Oops, that’s right. I forgot to tell you. Mission Control took a top-secret flight aboard a classified SR71 Blackbird and joined me for a few days.

Me And The Girls

Now, many of you may know this, but it came as new information to me from Bill. The Springfield area is the home of the United States Air Force National Museum. What an amazing place! What impressed us the most is that they take no position, political or otherwise with regards to historical events. As we literally walked through time within its’ hangar walls, we were steeped in history. One can feel the presence of those who have gone before us and have given their lives to preserve this precious America that we know and love today. The museum begins with the Wright Brothers and then, over three hangars and what takes three days of viewing, reading, and watching films, brings you into modern space and earth flight. Here is just a taste of what we experienced.

Real Pioneers. How many of you know that Leanne (AKA Mission Control) was one of the very first female Police Officers in Washington State? They had a helluva time fitting her for uniforms because they had to modify men’s pants, shirts, and ballistic vest!

Leanne - A Real Pioneer with Other Pioneers

Yours Truly stood in awe. Bockscar. This is the actual bomber that dropped Fat Boy on Nagasaki to end WW II.


Fat Boy Atom Bomb

As you can imagine, this area is exceptionally supportive of our military, specifically the Air Force. Here’s a shot of a freeway overpass.
Jet Overpass

And then it was time for a little fun. Leanne kicked our butts – won by 16 strokes. Personally, I think she cheated somehow!!

Udders Putters

Udders Putters - Let The Battle Begin

Bill and Leanne at Udders Putters 1

Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider hit the road yesterday, destination westbound on Hwy. 2 from Mackinaw, Michigan. At 1445 Hrs. Eastern Daylight Time I started looking for a place to pull off and pray for Nici and everyone in the fight. Five minutes later I happened by a closed weigh station. It’s active, just closed for the day. It was clean, quiet, and perfect for Yours Truly. I could get off and away and talk with Him privately. As I pulled in and dismounted, I realized that the roofline was sharply steepled, just like a chapel. It was my honor and privilege to lead a nationwide prayer for all who are fighting, lost, and who have won the battle.

Ride On,

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