Dateline Winnibigoshish, Minnesota: Indeed my friends, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider is learning a new language, right out of the movie “Fargo”. There I was, at Winnier Resort / campground in Historic Winnibigoshish, Minnesota. This is a little wayside with a Bena, Minnesota address on Highway 2.

Winnie’s is a country store with an amazing variety of every kind of stuff you can imagine. It advertises “Campground / Trading Post / Gas / Lottery / Bait / Strong Beer / Liquer / Wine / Laundry / Hot Showers”. What more could Yours Truly ask for?! But I did have to wonder…”Strong Beer”. Is that even legal in my home state of Washington?

I rented my tent spot, picked up some hamburger to fry up on my little stove, and bought a few sundry items that are running thin this late in Cancer Ride America. I decided to check my email and was sitting in a booth within the store to access their WiFi signal. Jeff, who checked me in and (I think) is one of the owners, walked by and asked how it’s going? I thanked him profusely because WiFi has been dicey literally since I left home (God, has it really been almost three months??). Jeff verbosely replied:

“YOU BETCHA!”, at which point Yours Truly whipped out the translator given to me be Chelsea and Annette and found the translation: “YOU BETCHA” – Yooper phrase meaning, “Yes, without a doubt.”

I admit it, I openly laughed with him and said “Dude!! I’m sorry to laugh, but that’s right out of Fargo”!! By now everyone in the place is laughing and Jeff tells me that he doesn’t even know why he says that and….get this…..he hates Fargo!!

Well, Jeff is a great sport and indulged me when I told him he had just become the headline for today’s entry into yet another adventure for America’s Perimeter Tour – “To The Ends Of America To End Cancer”. Jeff is a really nice guy who Yours Truly could easily become friends with were he not so far away.


On a serious note my friends, your prayers are desperately needed. I don’t have permission to divulge names, but a very, very close friend of ours has just learned that his 14 year old grandson has leukemia. He’s in Children’s Hospital in Seattle undergoing treatment, and the poor kid will be there from three to six months. I learned of this only yesterday morning. I am asking that you pray…hard…today, and for the next several months. And as I pray, I will

Ride On for him,


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