Cancer Affects Us All – An Amazing Story From An Amazing Lady

Michael Dave Everson  Born 9-8-56 named

“Everywhere we go, no matter the situation or context, our favorite restaurants or just the grocery store, we find no one who has not been affect by cancer”. The Shireys. May 2013

DateLine Des Moines, Washingon State. We were at Anthony’s Home Port celebrating Mother’s day with Mom and Dad. Our server, Pattie was literally sparkling and took us in immediately. We talked with her awhile, during which she learned that Mom and Dad had held their wedding reception at Anthony’s. And she learned that we had suffered many, many losses from cancer. She stopped, we shed tears together, and she graciously shared her story. These are her words:

“My brother’s name is Michael Dane Everson Born Sept. 8th 1956, Died on November 19th 2009 of Colon cancer that had spread to his liver and brain. He was a Pastor and Chaplain of a Christian motorcycle group in Medford , Oregon. Warm, funny, and so so loving.”

“Yes, I also have a younger brother named Terry, an older brother named Dean who lives in Eastern Washington.”

(As Pattie told us her story, she made us aware that she has lost her father at age 9. A new family came into her life some time later, when she learned she was Michael’s biological sister.)

“We bonded so quickly and became best friends. We were blessed to spend the remainder of his years together and although we regretted not being able to grow up together, we were so thankful for the time we had.”

“I was with him in his last days, and with him when he left this earth. My Biological Father and I are not close, but the blessing of my new found brothers has been amazing, and very precious.”

“For someone who avoids drama at all costs, I kind of got the wind knocked out of me! But as you can see, I wouldn’t trade my situation because of my new found family, and what I gained by having a brother like Mike.”

“I will be making a donation and following your journey. I am excited to see the adventures ahead of you, and will be praying blessing upon blessing for you and your awesome cause! I know your brother, Terry, is cheering for you!”

Pattie, we are blessed to meet you and to know you. It is our honor and privilege to have Michael grace our page, and to carry your Angel Rider on this ride.

Dean and Leanne Shirey

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