A Huge Storm, Beatiful Beaches, And A Destroyed Wedding Dress.

Dateline Panama City Beach, Florida. Your Intrepid Cancer Care Rider was anxious to hit the road this morning due to a very precarious situation that occurred late yesterday evening, after I posted my blog. It seems that it doesn’t rain much in Pensacola, but when it does, look out!

The Storm

So this morning I headed on East and, for the first time during this adventure, was a little hungry. My good Friend David Foxley rides to Kentucky every now and then and had told me to check out the Waffle Houses. Good coffee and food at a reasonable price. I did so, and certainly wasn’t disappointed.


And then it was off to Panama City, a mere 120 miles or so away. Stayed on the Gulf Coast all of the way and rode through many little villages. Kinda cute the way the old folks use golf carts to run around! (If I ever start doing that, please just shoot me).

What Yours Truly didn’t know was that there is a beautiful city immediately South of Panama City called Panama City Beach. To tell you that this area compares to the Carribean would be an understatement. The water is an azure blue, the beaches a pure white sugar–like sand.


And there, Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider crashed a wedding…sort of. There I was minding my own business when this young couple came bounding down the beach, she in her wedding dress. I couldn’t help myself. “Late for your wedding?” I asked. They laughed and she said it was “dress trashing day” and they were on their way to the Gulf waters to do so. “HUH”? Well, I contacted Mission Control for the skinny. Am I the only one who doesn’t know it is a new thing to go trash your wedding dress the day after your wedding? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but that’s just plain weird.

Trash The Wedding Dress

Then Yours Truly hung out awhile as Mission Control found a place to land, and then after setting up camp (following yet another driving rain storm) I found a really good seafood place called “Dirty Dicks”. I’ve never experienced Cajun Shrimp with Grits before but they were great! And when someone said ” Hush Puppies” I always thought they were trying to keep their dog quiet!

Therein I got to talk to Jason. Jason’s mother Deborah passed in 2009 from breast cancer at the age of 50. As he told me his story I could see his pain. It will be my privilege to dedicate the next leg of this awesome journey to your mother Deborah.

On a final note, Yours Truly somehow failed to mention to Mission Control that he made an offer on a little getaway home on the Gulf in Panama City Beach. Rumor has it the owners are strongly considering……


Ride On,

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