Beauty, And The……Beauty! TinkerBell Joins Cancer Ride America!!

Dateline Never Land: Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider, accompanied by Mission control, made a stop in NeverLand. There, Yours Truly was lulled into a sense of security at having “THE BOSS” with me. While touring California on a “Soarin” tour he found himself suddenly standing among the enchanted and charmed. A young lady named Cady, short for Cadence, found herself with me and told me a story.

There she was, just walking along with her Dad Byron and her Mom Julie. Suddenly a shower of Pixy Dust enveloped her and a young lady who said she was with TinkerBell, told Cady that her presence had been summoned.

Evidently TinkerBell had returned to Never Land with Peter Pan. Her having to leave was rather untimely because she was busy mending pots and pans, spreading her fairy dust, and charming so many. She was also needed to help others, just like Yours Truly and my wonderful wife, Leanne….AKA Cancer Ride America Mission Control. For you see we were about to go “Soarin” and TinkerBell felt that we just weren’t quite ready to handle it with just the two of us. So she asked if Cady would stand in for her and protect Yours Truly, Mission Control, and her mom and dad.

Well, of course Cady was up to the task and immediately agreed. She did a stellar job and thanks to her quick actions and protective Pixy Dust, we all returned safely from Soarin.

What an amazing young lady. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider really enjoyed meeting her and her folks. And now Yours Truly, along with so many Angel Riders, has Cady and her Pixy Dust to protect and help me along this wonderful journey!

Ride On,


Cady - Princess

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