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Tootie the Therapy Dog is a Star!

Tootie is the therapy dog at North Star Lodge Cancer Center – the facility we are all working to support. She had a sweet news story done on TV today.  

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ABDUCTED!! Cancer Cure Rider Has Been Returned!

(Entry delayed by one day. The Aliens did allow Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider to contact Mission Control via an unfamiliar (at least to me) device. Bur they would not allow universal access.) Dateline Carlsbad, New Mexico. Your Intrepid Cancer

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Memo From Mission Control RE: CRA

Cancer Cure Rider (CRA) has made contact with Mission Control. He reported that the Roswell Aliens have required his assistance and would not take no for an answer. They have cut off his Internet and phone access until he fixes

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Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider meets “The Magnificent Seven”

Dateline Roswell, New Mexico. “The Truth Is Out There”. But it took the better part of nine hours for Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider to travel the 376 miles to get there, so the aliens had all returned to their

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Cancer Ride America sets first mileage record…..and in the 109 degree desert!!

Dateline Willcox, Arizona. First, allow Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider to remind you all who the “brains” are behind this extremely important effort. Today I was in constant contact with “Ground Control”….”THE BOSS” for many reasons. There Yours Truly was,

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Cancer Cure Rider is Contacted by The United States Border Patrol

Dateline El Cajon, California. Temp….113 degrees. This after your Intrepid Cancer Rider came from a high of 72 on the Pacific Coast. But Yours Truly is ahead of himself (imagine that…..) I left Santa Barbara this morning with the second

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California Beach Babes greet Cancer Ride America!

Dateline Santa Barbara, California. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider left Monterey early this morning, accompanied by his sidekick “LawDawg” Larry Severence and we headed South on California Highway 1. Highway 1 stays right on the Pacific Coast and has magnificent

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Cancer Ride America enjoys a day off in Carmel, CA.

Dateline Monterey California, day 2. Larry Severance, a best friend of Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider, arrived yesterday evening to hang out and ride with me awhile. Larry’s bike went Tango on him. We couldn’t figure it out, so we

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Cancer Ride America gets a good night’s sleep and a little down time.

Dateline Monterey, California, June 4, 2013. After fighting off the coyotes and wolves….well, maybe just the raccoons, not sleeping at all, and eating jerky shared with them as a sole source of nourishment in the wilderness they call Monteseno, California,

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Meet New Angel Rider Travis

I want to introduce everyone to one of our new Angel Riders. his name is Travis and he is a young high school student in Oregon. Travis is in the fight of his life to beat cancer. Please send extra

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